A Peek into my new process
Hello Universe and Patrons and other assorted interested parties, everything in the media is terrible. 

So how about a wee peek into the process I'm at work developing to get the Daiyuverse into the world?

In terms of writing, I'm 99% a Pantser. I fly by the seat of my pants and just write. Then I go back and fix.

For this longer work I really wanted to start learning the process of things like outlining and using the tech I have at hand to help me remember what happened, who is around, and most importantly- get what I want into this universe.

What do I want in this 'verse?

I had several goals when I started this rewrite.

1.) Keep a close in intimate tone. Originally I wanted to do this with a shifting first person POV, however, I felt very overwhelmed doing that and I couldn't shake an eventual bit of blurring between character's chapters. SO I'm using first person far more sparingly and using a lot of close in third. I want to gently pull you reader so you feel like you're in there and not above there.

2.) I wanted to get some of my major influences in there a bit more. I'm bringing in some spy/espionage influences. I want my magical Seattle to be a bit more noir, more grimy.  I'll bring y'all into some of the less savory parts of the city, but, not in an OOH SCARY way. I want to fictionalize some of my own experiences on the streets that helped me be a better human because I learnI know, that's, uhthat's, uh, yeah, but you'll see.

3.) I really want to make this 'verse open enough for me to explore the world more fully. That being what it is, I don't necessarily need to make this a stand alone novel. I have an idea to make it eventually into linked chapters you can read after this main novella. How? I dunno. But I do have an idea of where I want to go. 

4.) I want to play. I have been doing a lot of brain stretching. If you go back here, you can (FREE WOOT!) download a little story where I tried my hand at a bit of teenage baby Queer romance in Daiyu's world. I have never purposefully written romance in my life much less teenage romance. I am kinda  here for it. I wrote that just after the Pulse tragedy and I really wanted a balm. I'm not normally an I will write it better type writer but, I had to. I can't promise everything I present to Patrons will be good. Some of it will be crap and I will probably say, hey this is the part where I kinda fucked it up.

Part of my goal as a writer with this project is to get out of my damn lane.

Have some fun!

Write some awesome magic!

So, I've included a not quite up to date spreadsheet I've started to keep track of characters, powers and their relationships. I can't give y'all ALL my cookies so this one is a bit old but will give you some hints.