I've been aware for a long time now that I need more peers. Real peers. I'm not even entirely sure what that means, but I'm on the lookout. I've never felt like I fit in anywhere specific (other than Patreon, of course) but even then most of my time is spent isolated in my studio while communicating openly on the internet. A strange, strange feeling. Part of this is a consequence of my own design. I avoid traditional art scenes. I generally shun art galleries, art fairs, art walks, and art meccas. Being an "independent" artist usually means figuring things out on my own. I don't think my peers necessarily paint, or sculpt, or fruit about in traditional fine art mediums. I want to believe my "peers" are more people who do cool shit on the internet -- musicians, scientists, CEOs, writers, travelers, thinkers -- in that regard, I'm rather open-minded. I want to feel connected to people I can learn from -- People who inspire me in a mutually beneficial way. This is a skill I probably should have mastered years ago. As they say, perhaps the first step is admitting I have a problem. I am not an island, even if my artsy hermit tendencies lean towards that. Hey, better late than never, right? I've reached a point where my big ideas are just spinning around in my brain because I'm not sure how to break them free. I feel caught in between some mysterious set of parameters that I haven't quite defined. Time to change things up. Step One: I'm calling in the big dogs. I'm investing in myself. I'm getting an outside, unbiased perspective to review my goals and help all those awesome ideas take shape. Already I feel the spark growing, turning into the massive fireball it will one day be. The sun. A star. Suddenly, after many years, I can see much further ahead. My eyes are opening up to my own opportunities. Today was just the first step, but it was huge. An interstellar leap. Maybe the biggest step of all is realizing that I have every reason to believe in *myself* and my own ideas. All of this is so much bigger than just me. My plans are important and valuable. And I am totally worth it. ❤