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The Pen and the Pocket Knife
Writing songs is a little like whittling. It starts with a concept, which gets worked over and over with line after line until the words almost shimmer with life of their own. . The best songs don’t waste breath or time. Every word has been considered, polished, played with, and smoothed out until they fit perfectly together.

If writing is like whittling, recording is like sculpting. I am a huge fan of play and collaboration in the studio. I almost feel guilty about it, actually. Like , as a serious female musician I should do it all myself so that people don’t start saying Pat or Jeff is the real mastermind behind the music. Not that I’m the mastermind, I’m the song writer. I make the bones, I give the song spirit. Jeff and Pat are the heart and flesh. We all contribute into making something greater than each of us individually could come up with on our own.

For your listening please here is an early peek at how Sharp Teeth is coming to life.