Pendng Track List Album Art by Noxychu!
Hello all you awesome people! So, here's the track list for the $10+ reward CD and the Cover Art! (An art commission that I was ever so lucky to grab from the artist at, Noxychu! ( I was gonna post this info to Patrons only, BUT I thought I'd tempt some potential patrons by posting it public! XD ===== Track List ===== 1. Shut Up and Grind 2. Ninja Raiders by Roninhobbit 3. Altoholic by Gackedni 4. AttentionWhore 5. Lolsong “Cypher” 6. I’m Undead 7. Rolling Out the Deeps by Tibbelkrunk 8. L33Tteam 9. Pandaria 10. Succubus by Nananea 11. Boomkin 12. Meow ft. Crykoda 13. For The Horde! 14. Buttons 15. Keep Feeding 16. Man! I Feel Like A Worgen 17. Lament of the Highborne Translation 18. Morning After Hallow’s End 19. Rarity 20. BONUS SURPRISE TRACK 21. BONUS SURPRISE TRACK I might have to cut one more track off this list. *crosses fingers that I wont have to* But if I do, which one do you think should be cut?
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