The Penguin Speaks!
In ramping up to full-scale Minions at Work 2.0 cartoons, the new multi-panel format has me dealing with a bunch of questions I always ducked (no pun intended) before, such as, "Does the Penguin speak?" Well, many panels pretty definitively established that he COULD speak, at least in ways that the Minions could understand. But I never showed the Penguin talking. The cartoons always had other characters responding or reacting  to something he said off-panel just before, or they were clearly expecting him to speak just AFTER the panel.

But with multi-panel comics, it's increasingly likely that I'll need him to speak mid-comic at some point. This test is my best idea, so far anyway, as to how to deal with this issue. I'm giving him his own gibberish language. "Speaking penguin," more or less. The reader won't be able to understand (though sometimes, the nature of the squiggles may imply the emotion or tone intended), but the other characters will generally understand and respond accordingly.

At least, that's the plan. What do you think? It's not too late to change things if I think somebody has a better idea...

- Steve 

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