PenguinPotential October News #1
I have the cards for June and August! I'll be mailing them out as soon as I can, so expect those cards to arrive! As apology for the lateness, I'll be sending both cards to August supporters as well, as well as a few extra stickers! I'm still missing addresses from a few patrons, so please get those in asap! For everyone in the Stream Tier ($5) and over, the next stream will be October 19 at 8pm~9pm EST. Please join, or send in a request early if you won't be able to make it. As you may know already I've set up 2 new tiers: 2x Card Tier and Cameo Sticker Tier. I've just switched the order of the two from the way it was a week ago, but this change doesn't affect anyone currently as the prices are the same. Finally, for Cameo Tier members who haven't yet had their character added to the pool, I'll definitely have your characters ready by the time my Pinkie/Twilight video is done. Everyone in the Cameo Tier will make an appearance at the end as a thank you for your support!
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