Growing up, I always drew people. They kind of all looked alike, if I recall. Skinny girls with long hair and bangs. (I should really try to find some of those old drawings and sketchbooks.) I always enjoyed drawing people, even though I never put much thought behind it. Recently, I thought I should draw some more people...kind of in a style I see all the time online, but not really my style. I started with this "pixie" girl.

It was fun playing with different ink colors in Procreate. And paining a little bit of a background in behind her was also an experimentation.

Then I moved on to another big-eyed girl, again exploring ink line colors.

This was so fun to do. I enjoyed painting in the colors rather than making everything solid like I normally do. The fun didn't stop there.

This time I had to add some humor, making the bird have a doofy look on his face as these two characters stared at one another. Then I tried to expand how much of the character I drew...

Almost to the knees! And then I did an entire body...and a little dog.

I love her casual pose. And what does her dog see?

These are SO MUCH FUN. I suppose they are good studies: in color, shapes, characters...that kind of thing. I am looking at them that way at least. 

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