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So as I announced last month, I was finally ending my battle with the Swedish housing market and moving into an apartment.  As back-breaking as the move and Ikea wrestling was, it is all complete and schedules are being re-enacted while Patreon games are caught up on.  

Additionally, I am resuming the DDR streams.  As I said before, I'd be taking any song recommendations that came my way.  Cue all the insanely difficult songs being shoved my way.  Well, it was not all that unexpected, but damn do I feel destroyed from some of the songs thrown my way.  It's all for the greater good mind, I'm on a road to recovery to get back to the DDR form I was once in.

While they're not on YouTube yet, the streams can be found here for now:

DDR at least twice a week sounds good to me although I need to invest in better socks.  Cheers for the support

Additionally, as part of the milestones, I'll be having the giveaway stream tomorrow, Sunday 25th at 1600 CEST.  If you love panhandling and huge Steam backlogs as much as I do, pop in to claim a prize.

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