The People of Goshen
The hostile world of Goshen has inhabitants, in the form of Goshenites, who have returned to swords and spears and the simple tools of their ancient ancestors to eke out a harsh existence on its 2 continents after a massive cataclysmic event, commonly known as The Breaking, destroyed their world and nearly annihilated all life.

The north of the two, is home to the Gawei, Levytans, Hunute, Abimelech, Zuvak, Grey Tribes, Kalani, and Basli.

The Gawei lie on an island off the east coast, founded in blood and battle, they built an empire controlling many of the islands of Goshen.

The Levytans are a trading people on the east of Rogas, their capital city on an island in the center of the Levyt River, they are the wealthiest of the Goshenites.

The war tribe of the Abimelech, and the mountains named after them, divide Rogas into East and West.

Between the Levytans and the Abimelech are the white eyed Hunute in the Black Fog choked Hunute forests.

From the Abimelech mountains flow the Eztu rivers that form the Eztu lake, home to the Zuvak, Goshenites adapted to life underwater.

In the Kalan Valley between the Abimelech Mountains and the Southern Tainted Greys mountain chain, are the farmers the Kalani.

Past the peaks of Tainted Greys, are the Tribes of the Grey Lands, hemmed in on the by the four legged Basli.

The southern continent is divided among the Anin, Ades, Ran-nu, Yava, Navo, Vitat, and the Hese.

On the island of Hese off the east coast of Pan are the Hesen, zealous crusaders determined to convert the rest of Goshen.

On a peninsula cut off from the rest of Pan’s mainland by the Eastern Daly Mountains are the Ran-nu people, herders of the Doharn, they have recently been conquered by the Gawei.

The Navo, the greatest builders of the Goshenites, make their home in a desert inside the Eastern Daly Mountains. They protect their sacred Niya Falls inside the Silt Castle.

And hidden away behind the Deadlands and the Southern Daly Mountains live the homunculus Yava in the Yava Forest.

Down the center of Pan runs the Vitat Canyon, housing the Vitat who develop many interesting machines to help them with the heavier gravity outside the canyon.

The Western Daly Mountains separate the war clans of the Anin from their peaceful farming neighbors, the Ades.