People of the World, Unite
Yes? Good? Are we all united now? Was that enough to bring eternal peace to humankind? 

Excellent, now that that's behind us, we can focus on other things, like funny and food. Funny is the thing that we enjoy doing - hopefully, with a bit of heart and some insight - and food is the thing we enjoy consuming in order to perpetuate our equilibrium. Money helps us achieve both, and we're happy to see other people agree that both are goals that indeed should be achieved. 

Thank you guys for already pushing us beyond 15% toward our goal - it's barely been two days!  

New things we've uploaded today:

How I Won the Olympic GMing - Running the Game, continuing last week's article about the process behind creating and running an RPG in a very short time, and how to utilize-- erm,  integrate the players in the game.

Nord Kills Skyrim - Hard as Steal, in which I fail to understand how to get into the thieves guild, despite doing this quest before, what.