People's Climate March - Los Angeles
Thank you SoCal 350 Climate Action and the others for organizing and bringing LA together in a unified voice!

Stand Up Fight Back!

Across the globe this weekend, fists were in the air, flags were waving every nations’ colors, and the streets, they sang. Here in LA, communities from across Southern California joined for one major call to action in the small community of Wilmington, CA for the Los Angeles People’s Climate March.

Wilmington, a community of young generations, with a median age of 28, located just North of Long Beach (another community littered with oil companies), they are under attack. Not just by economy, but the air, the soil, the water…are all under attack. The highest density of oil refineries in California, and one of the smallest population densities within the LA basin, is right here in our own backyard, this community desperately needs the organizing and activism of the millions in the cities.

We see rents rising, at the same time the population is suffocated more and more due to mass commercial transportation and oil consumption. Here in Wilmington, the urgency has hit the emergency marker. With Tesoro and BP refineries dominating already, we can only fathom the result if these two companies get their way and are able to move forward on the $460 million merger. The lack of competition in the oil industry is discouraging, instead of monopoly laws, we need conglomerate laws…preventing oil companies from using one competitor in order for them to continuously merge and merge and merge down to the small handful they have.

Tesoro states there will be no “expansion”, but yet the output will increase, and the new storage containers will allocate enough room for millions more barrels of oil to remain on site, ready for to be sold and packaged into brand names like ARCO, Exxon, USA Gasoline and Tesoro . . . And imagine that, the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), just like for the Standing Rock project, is filled with minds from the oil industry and Tesoro themselves. Another expensive division in our government, bought out by big oil. Mind you, Tesoro just acquired land in North Dakota where they will be shipping oil from, across multiple rail lines all the way from the North West Vancouver regions.

Consumers. . . the biggest protest we can do is with our dollar. Suffocate the system, buy electric, ride a bike, run, ride Metro. . . use vegetable oil. Anything besides consuming oil, oil, oil, and more oil! Entrepreneurs . . . the biggest inventions we can create is with our activism. Create the new systems, build electric concepts, build electric bikes, run for office, create new city transportation systems . . . Anything besides condoning conglomerates and big oil.

When they applaud themselves for donating back $3 million, but fight tooth and nail to spend $460 million … we should all recognize effortlessly, there is a conflict of interest.

#KeepitintheSoil #WaterProtectors #LosAngeles

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