The Pequot - PART 1 - Native American Stories - One Minute History
For over 10,000 years, Algonquian speaking natives occupy the lands of modern New England. Europeans describe it as “paradise” for its abundant wildlife, water and fertile soil. Splitting from the Mohegan in the early 1600s, the Pequot live in bands of several hundred. Tensions flare up when the English and Dutch begin to lay claim to their lands. Fighting breaks out with neighboring tribes and Europeans bring smallpox to the region wiping out thousands. Puritans blame the Pequot for killing an Englishman, and condemn them as “demons from hell”, starting the Pequot War. After many battles, the English and Mohegan wage a brutal night-time ambush known as the Mystic Massacre, killing more than 300, and burning the entire village. After surviving the Great Swamp Fight, Pequot leader Sassacus seeks refuge with his old enemy the Mohawk, who instead kill him and deliver his scalp to the English, ending the Pequot War.

Read by Daniel Pierce -


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