Perceived As Self
I participated in the Me, Myself and I show at thegallery8680 a little while back: a show about self portraits and self perceptions. The primary and attached images are the pieces I submitted to this show. I was lucky to display alongside a mentor and friend of mine: Misty Foster; her art is vibrant and humble. I split myself into three primary components: head/heart, hands and feet. My head is a semblance of a likeness that is a general likeness afflicted with perceptions of myself. I have a bad habit of letting what I think I know about myself dictate what I see/what actually is. My hands are like comrades in arms: they aide me in creating a myriad of things. I use them for creating, communicating, living. They are my emphasis and accent. What would be a halting and awkward conversation is made fluid and inclusive with the subtle ballet of my hands. My feet are delicate tendrils that sweep across the surface of the earth: too soft to actually pierce the earth. I exalt in the sensation of running barefoot when weather permits. There is little better for feeling alive than feeling the weight of yourself pressing against the magnitude of the earth.