The perfect name

The girl standing outside the orphanage waited patiently. Her hands in handcuffs, tied. The rain poured on the roof above. Thunder barged. The wind brushed her hazel hair. She closed her eyes. An irony, isn’t it? When she orphaned herself she expected the police, orphanage came to her instead and now when she had hoped for a car to take her to a new home, the police car is arriving. Memories of the day were a bit hazy but one thing was crystal clear. She had killed a girl, she called her friend.

It was a warm day, too humid for October though. She and Emma were playing in their room. Emma asked her

“Why don’t you talk to anyone but me”

She replied “I like my presence and no one else’s”

“Do you not like mine”

She shifted uncomfortably and answered “No, not really”

Emma shifted her eyes to her and spoke: “Then, why are you friends with me?”

Her words were tainted with anger but she seemed not to notice it. Devoid of any emotion she replied “ Just for fun. I enjoy your tears and cries, in my arms every night, when you cry for parents you never had”

Emma flushed, her eyebrows arched and she cried screaming “I cry, for I am a human. Y-you, you are a demon.

She took a breath and coldly spoke “You killed your parents. Didn’t you?”

What happened after was a blur of screams and red. When she calmed down, she had looked at Emma. She was stabbed in her chest, her eyes had then moved to her hands, there was a knife smeared with blood in them.

She gazed at the grey sky for the last time, ever. Her face held a smile and her heart, a calm, that no one could understand. Lilith, she thought, was the perfect name she could give herself. Name of the demon who lived on death and craved to see tears and pain. Who creates chaos, knowing not the power of order. A demon that everyone despises. Yes, it truly was the perfect name for her. Lilith.