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Perfect Song #12: Breakfast Can Wait (Prince Cover)
I had only the barest familiarity with Prince until a few years ago, when my keyboardist-at-the-time, Michael Bellar, took it upon himself to school Joe and I on Prince’s entire catalog. We spent the rest of that summer tour with a playlist of our favorite Prince jams on permanent repeat. It included this one, his newest release at the time, ‘Breakfast Can Wait’.


Prince was an outstandingly talented musician and composer, with too many good chops to count. But what moved me the most about his music was his reverence, apparent throughout his entire catalog, for sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure. Many of his lyrics are utterly explicit, his best grooves downright carnal, but what sets them apart from the Flo Ridas and Mileys of this world is that they are lit from within with a deep respect for women, and for the divine nature of sexuality.


Even in his hugest dance-hall hits, Prince reminds us that sex is a sacred ritual, one that we don’t have to be beautiful or cool to experience. Perhaps the sexiest lyric in this very song is "I just wanted to tell ya, I think you're great". As a woman, listening to Prince feels like making love with somebody who loves me.


So here’s my love letter to Prince, in his own words. Rest in peace, you sexy motherfucker.



PS. This track features Joe Plowman on the bass, and is downloadable directly from soundcloud.