Perfect Water Shaders - 1.4.0 Caustics and Foam Update | FILES

Now Perfect Water Shaders can really be called PERFECT!

This update gives you beautiful caustics, which can be projected on any solid geometry in your water surface. It does not use Projector component, all this stuff is a part of the shader.

And also, finally, the thing, everyone were waiting for - water foam! It generates automatically close to the solid objects in the water. 




Now there are two new separate shaders: "Water Surface Uber Caustics" and "Underwater Fog Caustics".

NOTE: "Underwater Fog Caustics" shader is available for my  Tier II (or higher) patrons only.  "Water Surface Uber Caustics" shader is still available for all of you for free!

Water Surface Uber Caustics is just an improved water surface shader with caustics projection ability.  Underwater Fog Caustics does pretty much the same thing, but for underwater volume. 

This caustics can be projected on pretty much anything, which has depth. Underwater fish, your VRC avatars, anything! 

Caustics are all procedural generated with Voronoi. They also has a dispersion ability to look more realistic. Generating this Voronoi caustics is not very expensive for your performance, but not absolutely cheap at the same time. Here's an example of the dispersion control:

You can also mask the caustics from dark areas using "Caustics Darkness Limit" shader parameter:

Caustics uses a simple planar projection (don't uses 3-planar because of the performance), which can be controlled or set to automatically match the main light direction:

All the caustics properties available to you:

Depth-based Water Foam

Foam is now included in "Water Surface Uber" and "Water Surface Uber Caustics" shaders.

Water foam consists of two foam-mask layers for the regular and the thick foam regions. Both regions can be controlled separately.

All the foam parameters available to you:

More foam previews:

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