Performance (and workshop) Dates !

so.  here's what's coming up.  

MONTREAL : to be fair, i'm here, i'm around, not all of my dates in Montreal get this kind of attention, and they probably should.  but as I'm listing everwhere else, you'd maybe like to know when i'm here.  I'll be at the Art of Performing Aural Sex  ( a @MadPoetix  production) on 12 February at the Wiggle Room. i'll let you know right now the space is the exact opposite of accessible... ooh and as i'm saying that i wonder if i'm slandering the venue.  ok.  i don't know if there's a way in that doesn't involve a tall flight of stairs (and another to access the bathrooms).  Having said that, it's a lovely room and very intimate and inviting and i think it'll be a fun show.

TORONTO : i'm quite excited to have been invited to feature at When Sisters Speak which takes place at the St. Lawrence Centre.  This show has been running for 17(!) years.  I'm plotting and planning what I want to share at this event.  Plotting and planning, I tell you.  4 March, y'all.

SURREY : Just because you're not downtown Van doesn't mean poetry is not for you.  This needs to be said.  I'll be at Slamapalooza ! on the 19 April.  Come on down.  (also the organiser human doesn't know this yet, but if i can swing some downtime to have a workshop or even just a meetup i'm going to try.)

VANCOUVER : oooh workshoppy goodness... yes, and performing too.  I'll be featuring at Van Slam on the 17 of April and i can't wait to see all my old friends... but having said that, i'm open to making new ones.  Come on down to Cafe Deux Soleils  and let's have coffee.  

I think the festival most people are familiar with in this time frame is Verses .  (Running 20 - 30 April this year) At the head end of the festival is a sort of mini festival housing the BC Provincial Youth Slam Championship, and it's called Hullaballoo , and it's organised by one of the most special tall white guys i know.  The workshop series is called Adventures in Poetryland and happens at the Vancouver Public Library, and i'll be one of four facilitators, the others being Dana ID Matthews (out of Van), Johnny Trinh (Regina), and Charlie Petch (Toronto), so,..  ya know..  heady company.  I'll also be a part of the All-Star Slam, which is set for the RIO theatre, 21 april. Since it's primarily for middle and high school students, it will be from 1 to 2:30 pm, so don't go thinking evening and miss it !

VICTORIA : I'm happy to say i've confirmed with organisers for the Victorious Voices festival, and will be a part of the All-Star slam in Duncan on the 18 april as well as the Still Victorious! Showcase on the 20 .  (I may also be hosting semi-finals for these fine folks on the evening of the 18, but that part's not confirmed yet and i'd hate to lead you astray.)

I fully expect there to be more dates forthcoming, so please do stay tuned.