Performance improvements for Koikatu, Koikatsu Party and AI-Shoujo/AI-Girl

Here is a handful of performance improvements brought to you by the recent optimization efforts. The most noticeable improvement will be the studio launch time, it's now much faster in Koikatsu and to a lesser degree in AI-Girl (KK has more studio mods which slowed things down more, now the amount of mods doesn't affect startup time by much if at all).

Keelhauled and DeathWeasel worked on some optimizations as well, check their releases for more performance improvements and performance testing tools.

Before installing any of these you should install the latest Modding API. Also make sure that you have the latest stable version of BepInEx 5.0 (you have to update if you have a pre-release version, if you're unsure then update just to be safe). 

What's new?

  • IllusionFixes - Added StudioOptimizations for AI and KK - massive improvement to Studio startup time when there are many mods installed. There are also some other fixes and performance improvements.
  • ABMX (bonemod) for AI, EC and KK now runs faster, especially with many characters loaded.
  • KK_BrowserFolders starts up faster, shortening main game and studio launch times.

 How to install

  1. Download the latest releases for your game. Warning: You only need the version specific for your game (check the prefix, for example KK = for Koikatsu). Downloading version for the wrong game or multiple versions will break things!
  2. Install the latest version of BepInEx 5.0 and Modding API.
  3. Extract the archives into your game directory. The .dll files should end up inside BepInEx\plugins.

Downloads and full changelogs

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