Performer Pics & OUR FIRST PHOTO BOOTH at SINister Fetish Show!
London Snow and I set up a photo booth together for the first time at Ikonoklast vocalist Jonah Foree's very own fetish birthday party concert, and the booth couldn't have been a smoother operation! Unfortunately we were unable to deliver a full review of the event, because our journalist was very ill. We also had some roadblocks during the following week, making it very difficult to get the content out to the public in a timely manner! BUT, we did manage to get it published after exactly a week, and just in time for our next gig tomorrow! IF I get the chance, I will write up a patrons-only post detailing what went down! 

Check out London's photos from the booth, along with my photos of the performers!: 

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Katherine Amy Vega

Owner, Manager, & Concert Photographer - Burning Hot Events & Kataklizmic Design