Periods: They Exist - a print to help support homeless women and trans men in Montreal who need menstrual products.
PERIODS. Since there is such a taboo surrounding them, we don't talk about them and this is an issue. For homeless women and trans men, it really is a horrible time of the month for them. Since it is not talked about often, these menstrual products are usually forgotten when donations are made to shelters and they're at the top of the list of most needed items. With limited or no access to sanitary products, they're often forced to go without. They're faced with the decision of having to choose between buying products, or meals and can rarely afford both. Put yourself in that position. Imagine having extremely painful cramps, and no access to help relieve them. Imagine having to steal the products so you can try and help yourself. There is no dignity for people facing these issues. How you can help: Donate products like pads, tampons, menstrual cups or menstrual pain medication to your local shelters. If you have some products in your bag, and you see someone who may need them while you're out, consider offering them. You can also help spread the word about this issue by talking about it. Break that stigma. Lastly, you can contact your local politicians to urge them to take action in your town. How I want to help: I will use all proceeds from this print to purchase feminine hygiene projects for shelters in Montreal. You can also help by sharing this with others. You can purchase her, or pledge me on patreon so I can continue to do initiatives such as these:
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