Perplexing Pool Jazz Cover
(feat. Aram)

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I wanted to make this song feel full of nature, so I tried to make the drums and triangle sound like a tribal beat. Also, I don't know if it's the key, but the piano intro reminds me of traditional asian music. Maybe it's just me though :P

This song featured Aram on the bass, and I was worried his Yeti wouldn't sound good, but it worked better than I thought it would.

If you want to get a remastered version of this song, look on my Patreon page soon!

Here's some of the equipment I used:

Auxiliary Percussion Mic: Blue Bluebird

Brass Mic: Audix CX112B

Upright Bass Mic: Blue Yeti

Flugelhorn: Yamaha YFH631GS

Trumpet: Bach Stradivarius

Trumpet Mouthpiece: Shilke 14A

Piano: Kawai CE220 88 Wooden-Key Digital Piano

Piano MIDI: Steinway Grand Piano

Bass MIDI: Apple Jazz Bass (2015)

Electric Bass (real): Davison BASS235bk1

Drums MIDI: Levi Realistic-Sounding Drum kit (2015)

Electric Piano MIDI: Classic Electric Piano 16

Tamborine: Rythymtech Moon Tamborine

Egg Shaker: Dunlop Egg Shakers

Shaker: Rythymtech Cylinder Shaker


DAW: Reaper

Editor: iMovie (totally best editor ever)

"Camera": iPhone 5 (also totally best camera ever)

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