Persephone Amid the Stars: coming Friday!
Hey y'all! Thank you for being here. 

The second of the worlds I'm excited to introduce to you is the novella that's currently titled 'Persephone Amid The Stars' and affectionately labeled 'Socialist Space Lesbians.' 

The first chapter is ready for posting on Friday, but I have a challenge for you:

If we can get to 30 patrons or hit the first goal ($50) by Friday, I'll post the first AND second chapters of Persephone Amid the Stars Friday, as a single item!

Share the Patreon, bug your friends, tell them to come hang out with us -- this is a lot of queer fiction for one Yankee dollar. If we get there, you get more for your money. 

This post is public and can be shared -- I'll be updating as we get closer to Friday!