A personal note
I was awake late last night with Masters M (El Morya for new folks) and Y (Yogananda). I was recalling a story from when I first moved to Colorado.

I was enjoying a glass of wine after the monthly meeting of a group I belonged to, and the leader of the group, who I am fond of, and I were talking.

"Why don't you channel El Morya?" He asked. "You'd be great at it. Many people here would appreciate it."

"He doesn't want to be channeled," I replied.

The words did not come from my head. It was a deep understanding that how we would share would be different from the channeling dynamic, which has swept across the West, starting with the New Age. Of course, Moses channeled God, but it was not so wide spread.

Then I couldn't really explain to him why, but I received a very clear answer last night from both M & Y.

The Eastern self-realization (really there are no boundaries but geography between East and West but for historical sake...) model has typically been a teacher shares wisdom with a student, the student embodies that wisdom personally. Then once embodied they share from direct experience.

My journalism and professional writing background requires it too - at the human level.

In this model, the one sharing wisdom speaks from direct experience with the material, although it goes a bit slower because the time lag between when a concept is introduced as a thought pattern and when it resonates or discords with the soul's communicative vibration through the spinal chord depends on the person embodying it.

Channeling is a fantastic way to share massive amounts of information with a large group, quickly. However, it leaves little integration time for the one channeling the wisdom.

The teaching - embodiment - sharing method allows for greater sovereignty or soul independence of the person sharing as well. And it pulls out the middle man, who on occasion allows his or her own life to meddle with the message.

Yogananda recounts how his wisdom went into story form in his autobiography.

"This is the model we will use," he said. "The one we found most effective and in benefit to you, Lauren, as your own self-realization is of the utmost importance. For as you know, your own realization is the greatest gift you can share with the world - well beyond any words or courses."

Furthermore, my soul will not allow me by any means to share something I have yet to embody personally. So we may be going slower over here, while it may be bumpy, for me it is still the superior way to share.

We have been continuing to go deeply into sovereignty, energy leaks, systems, discernment etc. for a reason. To step into your true creator nature, these understandings are essential.

For some the investment in this page is nothing more than a cheap magazine subscription, an afterthought, which is totally fine. I thank you.

For others here yet, who want to go beyond human comprehension of the embodied enlightenment experience, Master M and his Eastern company which also includes M. Babaji are preparing us for more than a wine and cheese party at sunset. I hold a deep knowing it will be nothing short of grand, for me, and others if they choose.

Thank you for your patience both with me and yourselves.

In honor of your unique soul journey,

Lauren and the masters of the Far East

P.S. I am also very thankful for the history lesson of consciousness these two Masters have given me and continue to give me. I am deeply curious and aroused at the soul level to understand the unfoldment of self-realization history on this magnificent planet. I encourage all of you to look into it, should it call to you. I'm fascinated by the story of M. Blavatsky and Yogananda and how their teachings in combination brought about the New Energy each of us enjoy today. Interested or not, gratitude for them and organizations like the Crimson Circle, too, are in order. We are sovereign and we exist within the energies that are freely available to us today because of them. Total honor and respect. I'm sure many of us held lifetimes supporting this shift, so let's honor ourselves as well.❤️🌹
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