A personal note: An eye into a musician's life
Hi patrons,

This has been a really rough month for me! Just as I thought my work was about to slow down a bit, I came down with strep throat (second time this year) and was bed-ridden for two days with a fever. I'm still sick now and slowly easing back in to some work I can do at home.

Since September I completely jammed my schedule full of everything to try to save money for some of my bigger career goals. Every school year I get inquiries for new students and I tried to take on as many as I could in addition to keeping the ones I already had.

My quartet presented a new program (including Beethoven on period instruments) that required a ton of rehearsal. The members of my quartet live on the other side of the city, so I was commuting close to 90 minutes for each rehearsal, rehearsing for 3 hours, then coming back to continue driving around the Boston area to teach my students.

On top of that, I've still been working hard to record and produce four videos a month for my YouTube channel. As you've probably noticed from November, it's gotten much harder to keep up with that. That being said, I do NOT want to cut back on my videos. They are one of the most creatively satisfying things that I do, I get to reach thousands of people, and because of your support, they're actually a vital part of my work.

Starting immediately I'm going to work to revamp my schedule so that I'm not so overworked. When I get sick like this I'm not only miserable, I also lose income for everything I have to cancel. My days "off" become days in bed where I can't even clean my apartment or do laundry, and then by the time I'm healthy enough to function I have to immediately start working again. Often I have to continue working while sick. Last time I had strep I performed a concert! I don't recommend that...

I'm someone who really values health, wellness, and self-care. Unfortunately, all the expensive vitamins, organic food, and full nights of sleep can't undo overworking yourself, especially when it lasts longer than a few weeks. It's my dream to have my Patreon continue to grow so I can spend more time producing great videos and less time driving all around the city and beyond.

So thank you for your patience this month as videos have been slow. This weekend was supposed to be a time to catch up on that and instead I ended up sick. I'm hoping to still release at least two videos before the end of November.

I hope you stay healthy this season and also take the time to slow down when you need it!

Take care,