Personal Project: The Magic Fire #16
Hi! My post today is a new page of my comic The Magic Fire.

This page brings us very close to the completion of the story.
I must say there have been moments in which I have regretted my decision to draw this in full color. These pages are very time consuming and when I am swamped with commissions (well... that's practically always) it's not easy to keep my objective of at least one page per month.

Up to now I did it though and, all considered, I'm happy with the result. It was a great study in coloring and in practicing a drawing style I don't use very often.

Of course I'm already glancing at older pages and seeing stuff I would do differently now but, well, this always happens when looking at previous works so it's useless to dwell on that.

Uhm, I'd say it's time to start preparatory work for the next story. That should go down well with my upcoming move...