Personal Update and I Stand In Awe Fingerstyle
Hello my Patrons! 

Just some updates about me personally so you guys can pray for me.

I'm going back to seminary full time in August. I've got 2-3 more years to go to finish my MDIV. Please pray for me and my family as we transition to this arrangement. We'll be moving to a different city, though still in California, so that I'll be closer to school. I need access to the library and rent is also a bit cheaper near the seminary so it's a good idea for us to move. 

I strongly believe in prayer and the encouragement of fellow Christians so if you guys would like more steady updates on my ministry life, please message me your email address so I can add you to my prayer partners email updates list. Thank you and God bless!  

About the arrangement:

Thank you for your support that allows me to continue making these arrangements. This one is in the key of D. I am starting to enjoy arrangements this key. For some reason it brings out a more soulful and a bit more RnB's sound to my arrangements. Refiner's fire and The Heart Of Worship are also in the same key.