Perspectives on the Medical Establishment
Here is a second clip from my interview with Lizz, author of -- a blog where she discusses the experience of life as a wife and mother while her husband goes through treatment for stage 4 mesothelioma (an incurable form of lung cancer).

Both Lizz and her husband are medical professionals who have extensive experience and a broad understanding of healthcare worldwide. Her views are particularly interesting, considering her expertise. Also, I am extremely excited to share this many words beginning with "ex" in a single paragraph. Simple joys like this don't come around that often and, considering that we need to all learn more about living in the moment, I'm not ashamed to admit it. Quite the contrary, I'm actually feeling exalted. But after this deep breath, it's time to slowly exhale... 

I hope that Lizz's wisdom and insight reach a wide range of caregivers, spouses, partners, loved ones, friends... Life continues in the face of a cancer diagnosis. For everyone. 

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