Since the last time that I was able to create a post in Mompiche a couple of weeks ago I have finally made it into Peru. My journey took me around the Ecuadorian coastline stopping at different fishing villages. During the day I explore and take photographs and the evenings are taken up with editing and the very slow process of uploading them to Flickr. The lack of decent internet in the hostels I stay in can make this quite a frustrating process but I have managed to get up to date with my photos since Mompiche and create a few albums from my travels earlier in the year. I have picked up a travelling companion who is letting me use his laptop until I get my own in a few weeks so I should shortly have some new content up. My fellow traveller is a spritely Englishman of 73 years. We met in Montanita, again in Guayaquil and so decided to cross the border together into Peru. Mancora, Piura and Cichlayo on the coast were stops before we decided to head into the Andes, away from the barrenness of the coast. Our current location is Cajamarca though tomorrow we plan to push on higher into the Andes.