Pet Portrait - Rudy
Finally, the adorable little puppy is done! He's my friend's dog and I did my best to give those huge puppy eyes justice, he's just... SO DARN ADORABLE! Although Rudy has grown quite a bit which I noticed on a reference photo I got that was taken recently, he's still such a cutie and I'm sure he'll always will be. :'D I'm looking forward to giving this, not so little, fella a big hug when I get the chance to see him (which is hopefully not too long from now :D). Although he'll probably be too busy fetching toys instead... Not all floofs have time for hugs! That's why it's good that I have a cat fluff at home that's always in for hugs. :D 



The theme was chosen because he loves to roam outside and he absolutely loves the snow. I saw a video of him chomping snowflakes, you could even hear the sound of his jaws clasping together! x'D We considered adding a gold heart in there since he has, well, a heart of gold! He's a rescue doggie and boy, did he end up in good hands! No wonder that he's such a lovely little dog. :')  Anyway, my friend and her partner decided that the gold heart would probably take the attention away from Rudy himself so we skipped that part. :)

Got a lot of useful practise on this one. Quite a few things did not go as planned due to my poor decisions, but it all worked out in the end so now I know what to do and not do for future portraits. :'D One more portrait and then I'll be opening these commissions. More information about that will come soon (the commissions will also be open for original characters and people, but they will all be done in my own style, so NOT realism, realism kills my painting joy x'D).

Download of this picture isn't available as it's a commission, only the commissioner and me will get the full version. :)