Peter Pan Cosplay - Fall 2012
This one was more fun than work. I was growing out my bangs and was able to brush them over to the side for the boy-short hair and tuck the rest of my hair in a bun into the hat, made of craft felt and a feather, and pin it all in place. The tunic I made of baby blanket fleece available at walmart, just traced a good fitting tee on the fabric, added the pointed "ragged" details and room for the collar material and cut it all out, laced the v-neck closure together with leather cord, and made cinch-bags from brown felt with loops sewn on to wrap around a plain brown leather belt, which also held a small sword. Paired with green skinny jeans and brown flat suede boots, I completed the look with a scrap-brown wristlet, some spray-on temporary hair dye, and equipping the bags with loot, one full of gold chocolate coins for those who recognized my character, and one full of sparkly green "fairy dust" craft glitter to be thrown at anyone who called me Robin Hood, Link, or worse, Zelda.