Petite painting WIP
Working on a custom little Highland cow for an overseas customer. I plan on doing a ton of these for the 31 days of Halloween. This week I need to finish this, my 78 tarot card and another Halloween piece so I will keep you posted.

I decided how your patronage was spent today. I did opt for Stay Flats for 11x14 inch pieces and some thank you seals for the packaging. I thought that would best serve you and my customers, having secure art. I was SUPER nervous shipping those metallic prints because they are thinner then our regular prints. I have one going overseas but I am going to wait till the stay flats come for sure. Thank you all so much for all of your help in that department. It truly does help!

As for September, as much as I would like that program to make coloring books I just won't have time for several months so I would rather wait and have something that will help us all immediately. We may do a run of metallic prints with it or something, I will let you guys know.

I was also debating over letting patrons have FULL sized metallic prints (meaning the size the painting was actually painted) These would be 24x30 inch prints in most cases and would only be for you guys or if I do a show. These are CRAZY expensive and the prints would most likely be about 100.00 and shipped in a tube. Let me know if that is something you all are interested in. It would be cool for you to see something as it was meant to be seen instead of a compressed version. I am a much more skilled painter then these prints let on most of the time. 

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