Petra Mestric Is Alice In Wonderland
This MASTERPIECE is a commission by Valerijonas Anuzis for LOVELY model Petra Mestric

Petra is a glamour model who wanted some more fan-following, so we commissioned this art for her. 

 Valerijonas liked the Alice In Wonderland them and made a MAGNIFICENT piece of art!

 Petra LOVED the picture, as did her fans, and it goes well with the 

Alice Through The Looking Glass


I also attached a pic of Petra next to her reference photo. 

 If you become a supporter, YOU can actually vote to have whatever model or character you want to be drawn/painted...if you tell me by the end of the month!

 Hurry, only 4 more days in May, and no one else has voted YET! 

Modeling care of  Petra Mestric, Facebook…Art care of Valerijonas Anuzis