Petunia is back!
I'm finally done moving and Petunia is back! Here's a new page:

I try to put a lot of hidden hints and "Easter eggs" in the comic. Some of them you may have noticed, but there are a few that you probably haven't. For example, there are some small tributes to my family that I have put in.

Agent Jack Powell - Jack is sometimes used as a nickname for John, which is what my father was called for many years. Also, Powell was my mother's maiden name.

Nick - Nick is my brother's name! By the way, none of these characters look or act like anyone I know, even if names are inspired by them.

Ryan Chiropractic - Petunia's new office is in the same building as Ryan Chiropractic. I threw that in there because Ryan is my wife's maiden name (and now ONE of her middle names :P).

There are many more, which I may outline in future posts!