Folks, Adam and I cannot thank you all enough for your extremely generous, ongoing support of our humble efforts with Pewfell. I have really loved working on it again these past few months, and I am super happy with how the last couple of issues have turned out. I really want to keep it going for the rest of the year, but I have to say that I feel it’s just not getting the traction I was hoping for. The fact is that my time is much more being drawn towards the children’s books and puzzles, as that just seems to be where the greater interest lies, and it is also work that I love to do.

The current Gnoma story is complete, and we are halfway through what will one day be the 6th volume of Pewfell stories. So, for now, and in order to hopefully best motivate me to make more of it I am changing this Patreon to a per-page model. I think that is the only basis under which I will ever be able to move forward. Adam has scripted out the next book, and I have done all the thumbnails for it. However, it will take me at least a full week to pencil, a week to ink, and a week or two to color, and that’s time I just cant afford to spend on it. I wish it were otherwise, as our next book does feature an ugly little troll who is up in the Spirekassle political system, and… well, it could be very topical!

After that, the following book is roughly outlined, and will conclude the current volume. At the very least, I intend to one day finish it and we’ll write it to pretty much put a capstone on everything. Still, I know that I will always want to go back to it, as I have so many more ideas for what comes next!!!

For those of you at higher pledge levels, I am thinking that I might open our Google doc scripts to you. Is anyone interested in that? That way you could read what happens next. It would encourage me to clean them up and write them more coherently. Perhaps you could even come on board and make edits/suggestions?

I am also into considering the idea of finding another artist to work on the series. I wonder if there is anyone out there who is interested? We have a good presence on ComiXology, Amazon, and other online retail outlets, though our revenue is very low and, in of itself, not likely to be much of a motivational factor. Still, we do offer exposure (which, apparently, you can die from), and it would be on a profit-sharing basis, so if we actually got someone really talented that could give the numbers a boost!

Well, what do you think? You guys are my truest fans and longest supporters, and I would love your feedback on what you think the best way forward would be.

All the best.