Peyton Place and Hillary Clinton

Ok, the plot so far with information that has come to light....

Basically, the Clinton campaign is in collusion with the media to bend the truth in an effort to rig an election. She is also in cahoots with Wall Street to maintain financial control over our economic system, and does business with Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations to look the other way at supporting Islamic extremism. She has an extreme distaste for minorities, LGBT people and women and pretty much anyone that tells her no or reads a bible.

That about sums it up.

That's who is pointing fingers at a capitalist who builds huge buildings and hires thousands of people and says 'that person is bad because they talk mean and acts rough'. This, in addition with complicit members of the Republican party, is being sold to in a joint effort by most of the major news networks in order to protect their own political and financial interests.

That's who wants to be your president, your source of information and the leaders of the free world.

Don't let her, or them, do it.

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