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PGP! Ep 07 – “Who Knows What Pokémon Lurks in the Grass? The Shadow Types Know! ”

Charles is on his own but not alone.  He’s grabbed Carmela Smith and Chris Wisdom, from the local Pokémon Center, to share their experiences and bring you all the news that’s fit to print.  Joe pops up later in the show to lend his expertise and insights.  This week we talk data mining’s latest rush, Pokémon trainers augment a criminal’s reality, second chances, the latest Japanese partners with Niantic, hoaxes, meta changes, and Soylent P(SPOILER ALERT: it’s Pokémon, Soylent P is Pokémon!!).  All of that, and YOUR feedback!

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PSA: Don’t Waste Stardust Because of “Leapfrogging”


Data Miners Have Some Interesting Finds



Pokémon GO Hunters Snare Real Thief in New Zealand



The Pokémon GO Fad is Over?!? Hundreds of Players Clog an Entire Block in Taiwan to Catch a Snorlax


South Carolina State House Gets its PokéStops Back


3,700 SoftBank and Y!mobile Stores in Japan to Become PokéStops and Gyms in Pokémon GO



Banned Players Get Second Chance



Current Lier List and Meta Changes



Harry Potter GO Was a Hoax



Caniswolfman24 Makes a Kanto Pokédex for D&D



Quick Tips:


Swiping “Up” While Battling an Enemy Gym Allows You to Swap Pokémon


You Can Skip the Hatching Animation by “Zooming In” on the Screen


Achieving the Perfect Throw




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