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Pharrell - Happy - Saxophone Cover(2.0)
I figured I'd take a run occasionally at some of my favorite covers that I did, but I had to make sure to still keep things fun and make it a lil new. SO this is HAPPY re-done, but I increased the tempo a bit to liven things up a lil bit. ALSO stick around for the solo section. I've got some new equipment that I'll be able to use to give us more visual artistic options. Also NEW Producer. I had to finally go ahead and hire outside of my circle of folks I know but I'm glad I did. He really did a great job and now we have audio quality reminiscent of the good old days of 2014 hahahaha. SO hopefully this will be a pleasant turn for us.


I'm doing a new Walking Dead Remix at the end of the month and it's gonna be amazing. Fewer solos but a lot more fun and musical. Thanks for your continued support everyone. :-D