Phase 1: Update #3 (English) - About space
Want more space? Clear the space. I got off Facebook. I went quickly today, to take a practical peak, after 5 days, and I can sadly say that the world revolves pretty well without me. All is well. Want more space? Clear the space. I got off Facebook. Will my overloaded memory remember the names and faces of those I dearly care about, once I stop seeing so many pictures dancing around my eyes? Boredom. Panic. All is well. I couldn't stand it anymore. Being bombarded with advertising, the next sensation, announcement, the most entertaining video of the week. It feels like we are increasingly getting used to it despite its volume and I sense that it's almost shocking in this current world to even admit to being bored. "What to you mean! Bored! There is so much to do/see/learn! If you are not doing something about it, there might be soemthing wrong with you. Geez, you're so lazy!" Thank you voices, all is well. The discomfort of boredom suits me really well right now. It's hard but it's organically clearing space. Old stuff is coming up, ideas, emotions, and I can let them float away, without grabbing. No need to click on it. The last thing I want is to add something to the mix: I've moved abroad, started a new job, tons of new projects and I'm learning Italian, Swedish and planning some trips abroad during the year. Oi. I don't think the solution to feeling disconnected is to add anything more. If you want more space, clear some space. I got off Facebook. I'm happy.