Phase Two: Public Release
We've been at this for about 8 months now and that means there's quite a bit of material on here that only my paying Patrons have seen, but that changes today. Today I drop all the files that I've only released to Patrons over the past half year or so. 

New stuff will pop up going forward. Most of it will pop up for everyone, though a few pieces will still follow the standard plan. 

I'm adding some features. Fiction pieces and Adventures tied directly to physical rewards. As you might expect, rewards are limited to those Patrons that contribute to the cause but everyone can see what's up. 

I'll look at the Patronage and have a drawing at the end of October for the first event: Ratmen Miniatures (Older Skaven models from Warhammer Fantasy) from my upcoming adventure Kander's Rise. 

Thanks to the old and Welcome to the new!