Phaser warps spacetime
Even before virtual reality was available to consumers, many were worried about movement in VR experiences. It's often a balance between comfort and immersion, with teleportation dominating the market currently. It's main benefit being that, since it's instantenous, there is no threat of motion sickness. Many believe that the best motion system is all of them. Or at least the more sensible ones. Players want devs to implement a few options, and let players choose for themselves what to use. However it's hard to balance a game when you don't even know how the player will be moving around (something that is at the core of most games).

I've decided to try out this "several options" approach. Not only because it's hard to come up with utility powers, but because at this early stage of VR, experimentation is key. And the first movement superpower I'd like to show is teleportation. Right away you might notice that it works as you'd probably expect, you point it to the ground, and if the target location is within range and wont result in you clipping with geometry the guinea p- player will instantly teleport there. One addition to the traditional teleport is that you can aim it at edges and teleport on top of say a building or vehicle.

You'll also notice that a fairly long, cooldown timer appears right after the ability is used. This is part of the new UI, and the long cooldown itself is part of my attempt to balance the skill. Something I'm currently considering is having the power lock you out of your abilities for a second while you teleport, but it might not be necessary.

Other than that, I've been working on a bunch of 2D art for the game, which I'll hopefully be able to show soon. So stay tuned.

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