Philosophy: What is Perfect
What is the fundamental part of everything? What must be true for reality. Plato said that our reality is like a shadow on the wall inside of a cave. We step out of the cave into the daylight and see things more true than what we saw of their shadows. So let us envision an actual horse. In our mind, we picture a perfect truth of a horse. This idea-horse is better than the real horse because we picture it without flaws. But wait.... who said something existing as an perfect idea or existing as an actual thing is a flaw? It could be that the mind and ideas are the actual cave. Existing as a concept "without flaws" But really what is a flaw is a very relative term. Like the idea of a 'favorite' color. There isn't really a perfect color. But why then do we have an idea of perfection, how can we describe a perfect entity. We can describe a perfect being, and it is still limited by the domain by which we describe it. A thing that perfectly describes a domain must be simple, and flaws do not mean anything. Flaws are restrictions of the domain. A horse with cancer is a perfect version of 'horse with cancer'. A horse with cancer is not the perfect version when we describe the domain as 'horses without cancer'. A horse with cancer is still a perfect version of a 'horse', because there are no additional qualifiers. So a perfectly perfect thing must take the seemingly bad things along with the good. It does not mean the bad things are liked, but they are necessary to the identity. Perfection is completeness. How much a thing fits with the complete list of requirements. So, if we search for the perfect being, in an unrestricted unlimited domain, there is only one: The unrestricted unlimited domain itself.
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