Phoenix - Commission
With this piece I was given free reign to paint the pallet as I wished, so I decided to emphasize the monstrous and rainbow themes of the Phoenix by contrasting the dark purples of the flesh tones with a lighter, rainbow pallet for the feathers.  

In addition, I built up the base with various features to accent other parts of the Phoenix's nature. The centre was raised up and slightly angled for three reasons.  The first is to make the monster loom over the survivors more, the second one is in order to angle the phoenix a little and make it look more dynamic and the third reason is a practical one. Raising the monster up higher means that it takes up less space on the board and has less of a chance of clipping into the survivors.

The Phoenix has been a heavy part of the discussions in the Community Edition because of the relative weakness it's gear has in comparison to how difficult and awkward the monster is to fight.  The Phoenix is the flagship monster of KD:M's core campaign (and People of the Sun), so we very much wanted to make more parts of the Phoenix kit viable and competitive now that Screaming Armor got so hugely buffed in 1.5.

At the moment we have 3 viable weapons (Rainbow Katana, Finger of God,  Arc Bow) and an armor set with basically 2 good parts (Head, Body) that costs too much iron if you want to have a good chance at winning the campaign.

I'm very pleased with the changes we made for the CE version of the Phoenix gear, it's still difficult and epic fighting the Phoenix, but now there is a solid set of reasons to do so and there are also options for weapons in the mid-game besides weapon crafter gear. So it's a opened the game up more and made things more interesting!