Phoenix OS ROC - PUBG Special Edition

*This system is specially prepared for PUBG and is similar to a Lite version.
*Moded with ROC V1, v3.0.3 and v2.5.3.
*Customized with Volantis N9F27M build.


-Optimized for low profile systems.
-Fixed PUBG lag issues. (Compatible via Pubg mobile v0.11)
-PUBG theme is adapted.
-Emulator detection enabled.
-Changed boot animation (animated)
-Updated Gapps to v15.1.78
-Fixed GMS Instant Apps
-Updated Kernel (4.13.5) and Firmware (Latest RC4-9A-18) with SP4 drivers
-GFX patches applied.
-Updated Apex  Launcher to v3.3.8.
-Rooted with Magisk.
-Fixed unreal engine issues.
-Fixed mouse acceleration issues.
-Updated AOSP Android WebView.
-Added FX filesystem. (Can be access all disk parts)
-Added QCleaner (Cleaner,Game launcher,Booster)
-Added LSpeed Optimizer
-Updated media codecs and fixed some mic/sound issues.
-Fixed game screen recorder and video playback/broadcast black screen issues.
-Fixed "media library not found" issues.
-Installed Xposed framework and Arise sound system.  (If you dont want them, you can uninstall with Android Pc Toolbox)
-OTA updates enabled. 

Phoenix OS ROC - PUBG Special Edition: Download Size : 580 MB (Emulator Version)

Sha-256: A27AD7005171CD7EF8DE790D763A630A99B8171EB8012973CD8CA2BFE32A13D2 

Phoenix OS ROC - PUBG Special Edition: Download Size : 584 MB (Mobile Version) (Undetect Mod)

Sha-256: 1DB0A32EADD08E4476FD4A69EF0E073C65502B858B83B116061FD0F6AC73D06 


 -Not recommended to use with old data. Perform a clean installation.
-System structure changed. Therefore, editing on the system is not recommended.
-Do not use "undetect mod" patches on this system. ( You just see only a notice now. Do not tamper)
-For access all disk partition : You will see a file in the "download" folder. You need execute that file as root user with FX file manager. All discs will then be automatically activated. Disks are disabled after each restart.
-The last version of the octopus was not used, the fps mode is incompatible with v0.11.
-First try the PUBG performance with a quest account. If you dont see an emulator detection msg, you can get ban.
-If you are still experiencing a lag problem, that means unfortunately your hardware is inadequate. 

Addional Files:

NFS for ROC SE : Download >Magisk module - Credit @k1ks
GMS Doze : Download >Magisk module - Credit @gloeyisk
ViperFX v2.6 : Download

*Other pubg compatible kernel versions: If you have hardware that is not running on the system, you can update kernel with APT.

Kernel4-19-7 : Download (Credit @Dust26)
Kernel4-14-15 : Download (Official / FPS limited)


1-Install the system and reboot it.
2-Make an Internet connection. Open Magisk Manager and confirm "additional setup" notice.
3-Install magisk modules and restart the system. (addional files)
4-Grant root permission to LSpeed. (There is no need to make any settings in the application.)
5-Install ViperFX (Optional - It is also needed to better understand footsteps and direction.)
6-Install Pubg Mobile from Play Store / with your backup files.
7-After PUBG installation, restart the system to ensure game optimization again and Have Fun!

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