Phoenix OS ROC - PUBG Special Edition v7

*Modded with Phoenix OS v3.5.0 , v3.0.8 and v2.5.3

Changelogs v7:

-Updated performance scripts for pubg mobile v0.13.5+ and beta v0.14.
-Updated Xposed installer with official version
-Updated GFX libs
-Changed keyboard with GBoard. (Multilanguage support)
-Added Panda NES. 

Phoenix OS ROC - PUBG SE V7 (Kernel 4.13) : Download - PassKEY / Mirror Size: 613 MB

SHA-256: C7C1E3CCDF93263102A2231C54D9E5BC93A58AB3C964C580DC1E44A5FF0DBE0C

Phoenix OS ROC - PUBG SE V7 (Kernel 4.14) : Download - PassKEY / Mirror  Size: 616 MB

SHA-256: A269F44E6693EB910C445F69E59D087CBEC56BF46453BF34A733C41614D756BC

Changelogs v7.1: 

-Fixed AutoAim issue.

Phoenix OS ROC - PUBG SE V7.1 (Kernel 4.13) : Download - PassKEY / Mirror Size: 625 MB

SHA-256: C9FAC7CF0710EE6C973818BAC252F38C7976C43703BC90F22C0653E2054559FC

Phoenix OS ROC - PUBG SE V7.1 (Kernel 4.14) : Download - PassKEY / Mirror  Size: 618 MB

SHA-256: A2B282058B40D2790C510F9361BB99C8199A1877843B857AE8C1BF8C71922321

*ROC SE v7/v7.1 Kernel 4.13/4.19 > 60 FPS Extreme Mod 

*ROC SE v7/v7.1 Kernel 4.14 > 40 FPS High Mod

*Activated emulator mod.

Addional Files:

Apex Launcher Settings (v2): Download / Mirror (Extract the .zip into the Android/data folder. Then open Apex Settings. Backup&Restore > Select Restore from SD)  

NFS Injector ver. ROC: Download / Mirror >Magisk module - Credit @k1ks

GMS Doze: Download / Mirror >Magisk module - Credit @gloeyisk

Kernel Auditor Intelx86 Mod : Download / Mirror 

Secure VPN : Download / Mirror (For Android x86 systems)

BAGT : Download / Mirror  

ViperFX v2.6 : Download / Mirror 

ViperFX v2.6 (Profile v1) : Download / Mirror 

ViperFX v2.6 (Profile v2) : Download / Mirror 

*(Extract .zip file > Main Storage > Viper4Android > Profile) 

HD Wallpapers : Download  / Mirror 

*Other pubg compatible kernel versions: If you have hardware that is not running on the system, you can update kernel with APT.

Kernel 4-19-7 : Download / Mirror (Credit @Dust26)

Minimum System Requirements

-SSE4.2 Supported CPU

-OpenGL 2.0+ Supported GPU (v7) / OpenGL 3.0+ Supported GPU (v7.1)

-2 GB Ram

-8 GB HDD free space


-This version will be latest mod for 2018-2019 season.

-For access all disk partition : You will see a file in the "download" folder. You need execute that file as root user with FX file manager. All discs will then be automatically activated. Disks are disabled after each restart.

-First try the PUBG performance with a guest account. If you dont see an emulator detection msg, you can get ban.

-If you are still experiencing a lag problem, that means unfortunately your hardware is inadequate.


1-Install the system and reboot it.

2-Make an Internet connection. Open Magisk Manager and confirm "additional setup" notice.

3-Install Pubg Mobile from Play Store / with your backup files. 

4-Install Kernel Auditor and grant root.

5-Install NFS magisk ROC module and restart the system.

6-System(root) > Data > NFS  - Edit with text editor : *Governor.txt - Ondemand

*Mode.txt - 0 > 1  *Scale.txt - 1 > 0.5 (custom) Then restart the system.

7-Launch PUBG Mobile and make your custom settings in game. (sensitivity , controls etc) > Close the game.

8- Launch BAGT/Panda Game Booster and set the pubg graphics according to your system and have fun without lag! (Use the any GFX tools is only for unlock fps limit on V7.1)(Not required for V7)

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