Phoenix (Consciousness) Rising From the Esoteric Ashes of Pyrification!
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Hey guys and gals, i'm sorry that I've been MIA for so long, especially on my youtube channel! It's been so rough and hard lately with all I have going on in my personal life with Kristi's breast cancer, to summarize, but i HAVE been VERY HARD AT WORK, with SO MANY NEW MIND BLOWING GRAPHICS, articles and trying to finish several full video presentations as well, and so Like the Phoenix we too will RISE from the ashes stronger than ever before, so I hope you in-joy this one as well! This would all get out as they come if I can find time to get the livestream lesson Q & A hangouts going soon, so stay tuned for that! 

        The Phoenix RISING 

1988 Cover of the Economist predicts a 2018 Implementation of a World Currency called the PHOENIX. Phoenix derives from Middle English phenix (before 1150), itself from Old English fēnix (around 750). Old English fēnix was borrowed from Medieval Latin phenix, which is derived from Classical Latin phoenīx. The Classical Latin phoenīx represents Greek φοῖνιξ phoinīx.

Phoenix comes from ancient semitic PHOENICIA, the "purple people" of Tyre, Tyrian RoyAL PurpEL TYRANNY, who gave us our phonetic alphabet and phonics, with it's global currency trade routes over the current sea, the seamen that were the worlds most ELite admiralty military COMPANY & commercial financiers. So much more on the linguistics of that in my upcoming sequel to "Occulted Language: Phonics, Phonetics, Etymology here (not published yet) >>

"In ancient Greece and Rome, the bird, phoenix, was sometimes associated with the similar-sounding Phoenicia, a civilization famous for its production of purple dye from conch shells. A late antique etymology offered by the 6th- and 7th-century CE archbishop Isidore of Seville accordingly derives the name of the PHOENIX from its allegedly PURPLE-RED HUE. Because the costly purple dye from Phoenicia was associated with the upper classes in antiquity and, later, with ROYALTY, in the medieval period the phoenix was considered "THE ROYAL BIRD".

This theme will be explored more throughout the article. 

If you already know about my previous work with the ORange and ROYAL PurP of EL in videos such as "CODE ORANGE! A Clockwork Ultra" and "Symbols of Power", then you can see where I'm going with this. ;) 

We find the ZODIACAL SOLAR CROSS of the London Flag at the Olympic mega closing ceremony. 

The 2012 ROYAL LONDON Olympic Closing ceremony portrayed the EGYPTIAN PHOENIX or BENU RISING FROM THE BENBEN PRIMORDIAL MOUND as the FLAMING TREE OF LIFE and is a direct mimic of the Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Oriental Templars) logo. The Descension of Spirit into matter from KaBallistic Kether "CROWN" to Malkuth "earth", and the return ascension or "apo-theosis" of the Consciousness of Man to the Universal Mind of the Godhead (Godhood). 

Classical discourse on the subject of the phoenix points to a potential origin of the phoenix in Ancient Egypt. In the 19th century scholastic suspicions appeared to be confirmed by the discovery that Egyptians in Heliopolis had venerated the Bennu, a solar bird observed in some respects to be similar to the Greek phoenix. However, the Egyptian sources regarding the bennu are often problematic and open to a variety of interpretations. Some of these sources may have actually been influenced by Greek notions of the phoenix, rather than the other way around."

The Egyptian meaning of the Bennu is PURPLE HERON, as well as, PALM TREE, phenix means "the date palm" (fruit and tree). Supposedly, Philipinos and other inhabitants in the Pacific islands instinctively call the palm the “Tree of Life.” In India, they refer to it as “kalpa vriksha,” the tree that provides all the necessities of life. This bird is associated with the Phoenix and its legend is associated with the Bennu. The Bennu bird, resembling the heron, has red and golden plumage and is the sacred bird of Heliopolis, which is the CITY OF THE SUN.

The Phoenix is also symbolically represented as a Hawk, Falcon, Eagle, Rooster and even the Thanksgiving Turkey (as the roasted offering at the death of the season), all the symbols of the ANNUAL SEASONAL DEATH AND RE'S ERECTION OF THE SUN and the inner SUN of consciousness within man.

The main character of the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen is known as "THE GIRL ON FIRE" and is symbolized by the FLAMING MOCKINGJAY, a direct and overt allusion to the FIREBIRD, the PHOENIX, which is the reborn and transcended aspect of
Scorpio, as the EAGLE, representng the death and rebirth transformation of the FIERY SUN, from the earth to the Heavens, from creeping on the  ground to soaring the heights of the sky! This is WHY they SHOW YOU THE ZODIAC WHEEL as the Egyptian WINGED SOLAR DISK of the PHOENIX WITHIN the body in the logo!

So now you KNOW why just like Egypt, Rome, America, Nazi SS, etc, the Capitol of Panem flaunts the EAGLE on their flags, mimicing the turkey's feathered plumes or "kukul". So now you know why we SACRIFICE and IMMOLATE the turkey as a sacrificial holocaust or "burnt offering" in thanks to God, which represents the SCORCHED BURNT SUN IN IT'S EMBER STATE IN SCORCHED SCORPIO, the FIERY PHOENIX REBIRTH of the sun!  Previously covered excerpts from "Children of the Capri-CORNucopia!!"  

I know this may seem pretty arbitrary and a bit of pareidolia, but It's more likely that it's a universal pattern of construction that militant pseudo skeptic atheist reductionists love to bat down. I found it very intriguing that the turkey as an analog of the Eagle or phoenix for some reason is directly homologous to the human brain structure, the head similar to the thalamus penetrating the cerebral vault, the neck and gizzard as the pons or medulla, or especially the tail feathers corresponding to the form of the cerebral arch and the breast feathers are a DIRECT mirror of the ridges on the posterior lobe of the human cerebellum, complete with a T or Tau like cross on the turkey's breast that syncs with a T or Tau cross of the cerebellum! Bear with me, it gets better, trust me. 

The bi lateral symmetry is uncanny. This will make much more sense after the next segment about the phoenix representing the human psyche and physiology as well as the Fornix of the brain coming from etymology of FURNACE which is a VAULTED ARCHWAY OF A BRICK OVEN, where the turkey gets IMMOLATED in the FIRE of transformation, just as our consciousness is transformed in the FIRE of SELF PURIFICATION! (#GoVegan)

The ancient symbolic
Phoenix, or Bennu bird, interchanged with the modern Eagle as the symbol of trancendence, transformation and rebirth, lays the sacred cosmic egg atop the symbolic "world tree or mountain," of mythology, the same way that eagles nest at the very top of great trees or mountain cliffs. 

The above images of Sumerian and later Babylonian tablature are clearly depicting the symbolism of the human body as the "Tree of Life," complete with it's sacred pillar structure of the spine with the branching nervous pathways extruding from the central column or shusumna. 

We can see the Godhead as the winged sun disk depicted as Assur, or Anshar, coming from Asor, Osiris, which later became Ahura Mazda/ Zoro Aster (dawn star, morning star) with the "Godsource" or "COSMIC PHOENIX" flow of energy (often depicted as two serpents of kundalini) emanating from the winged sun as the BLOSSOMED CROWN or the THALAMUS, which will be fully depicted in my graphics below.

 The BLOSSOMED CROWN chakra of ascension is the THALAMUS CROWNED with the cerebrum of the brain, as the THALAMUS is the INNER CHAMBER, from Ancient Greek θάλαμος (thálamos, “an inner chamber, BED, BEDROOM) or "nest" of the allegorical FURNACE of the FENIX as I will explain further on. In anatomy, it is either of two large, ovoid structures of grey matter within the forebrain, acting as the central hub or AXIS MUNDI that relay sensory impulses to the cerebral cortex, in the exact same form and function as the Tesla Coil!

image source: unkown

In botany, the THALAMUS is the receptacle of a flower; a TORUS (which we will cover further on), A thallus, From Ancient Greek θαλλός (thallós, “young shoot, twig”), from Proto-Indo-European *dʰal (“TO BLOOM”)!

But get THIS, this is WILD! I had no idea that FROM THE BLOSSOM OF A FLOWER CAN STEM AND ENTIRELY HIGHER LEVEL OF BLOSSOM from the THALAMUS! This is literally fractal growth, meaning that the CROWN CHAKRA is only the FOUNDATION of a higher order of systems! The growing point of the thalamus may give rise to a shoot or another flower above it (Fig. 5.85 B, D).

In sacred geometry, the FLOWER OF LIFE IS THE TORUS, the pinnacle of all religions and LIFE!


So NOW we finally understand the complete significance of the WINGED SUN, or the FEATHERED serpent, the ROYAL PHOENIX, the RINGED SOLAR DISK OF THE TORUS!

CROWN comes from Latin CORONA (gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars) HENCE A CROWN SYMBOLISING THE RAYS OF THE SUN. CORONA and CROWN come from Greek KORONE "anything curved, kind of crown" which is a HALLOW or HOLY HALO, which is a DISK OF THE SUN OR MOON, RING OF LIGHT EMITTED!  
see my full Demonology articlefor so much more depth on this.

The semitic Phoenician supreme most high bull god EL, Greek CRONUS, which gives us the OLD CRONE or CRONIE, Roman SATURN "LORD OF THE RINGS" who wore the CROWN of bull HORNS, which comes from semitic Keter "CROWN" linked with קרן KÉREN meaning "HORN" with variants meaning RAY OF LIGHT, BEAM OF LIGHT OR RADIATION, which why the modern CROWN comes from the ancient CROWN of HORNS. This is exactly why in physics and mathematics we have what is called the HORN TORUS! Here we can CLEARLY see just ONE example of the HORNS of the TAURUS in the HORNED TORUS.

We could literally take this train into an entirely different subject. But another main point here, being that KEREN (HORNED CROWN of CRONIES) is also FINANCIAL as I will get into later with the Economist Phoenix cover.

  1. capital, fund (money dedicated to a purpose)
  2. fund, foundation, principal (company or organisation dedicated to a purpose)

Note: Enki or Ea wielding the "PHOENICIAN" PHOENIX.

The Sacred Tree represented by the CROSS, the TAU, paleo Hebrew TAV, the Buddhist TAO "THE WAY", (which harkens the biblical verse of KRST as "THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE")  which renders the Egyptian ANKh as the Primordial cosmic Egg nested or laid atop the cross as the Axis Mundi (world pillar, Primordial Mound, the Benben stone) and the higher universal consciousness within man as the winged Caduceus or Egyptian winged solar disk representing the Cerebrum or two Cherubim atop the Thalamus and the ARCh of the FORNIX which is the ARK of the covenant between the two hemispheres, which takes flight as the PHOENIX RISING from the ashes of it's own purification of the kundalini fire, most often experienced as ecstatic orgasm (depicted below as the phoenix), burning away all that withholds it's transformative power of the Higher Universal Consciousness from it's roost atop the Axis Mundi as the human spinal column or Djed Pillar!

See my full
Symbols of Power film series for SO MUCH MORE context!

It's no coincidence that the PHENIX resides just behind the sPHENOID BONE as I've already covered in the "Symbols of Power" film series.  

Everything we sense visually in order to perceive this reality, passes through the Sphenoid bone and audibly through the ventral nuclear cochlea. The butterfly IS the symbol of the gateway or doorway into the mind. If our senses and perception can be manipulated with media and stimuli (propaganda), I posit, would be exactly why the wise Owl, the Monarch butterfly and the Luna Moth (or in this case the PHOENIX) are chosen symbols of iconography by the Royal EL-itist ELders of the #Illuminati such as in Bohemian Grove, the White House layout, Big Pharma and so much more!" Grasp the KEYSTONE of the ROYAL ARCH that unlocks internal symbolism and displays of personal wisdom and power!

So, perhaps now you will grasp why DC comics WONDER WOMAN shows you the ASCENDED APOTHEOSIS of the archetypal "supreme being" described as the "meta human thesis", which comes from Crowley's future "super man" thesis which also became the Nazi "Coming Race" as the risen PHOENIX within man (and women, HUMAN, you know what I mean)!  

It's no coincidence that many depictions of the RISING PHOENIX or the Falcon EYE of Horus are the direct allusions of the POWER SYMBOL which is also homologous to the BRAIN, the universal masculine pillar or Axis Mundi and the feminine arch or vault of Heaven as the Primordial womb of consciouness! 

This is the IMMORTAL SECRET, the truth of what all the ancient myths & allegories of the LIGHTHOUSE, the OLYMPIC TORCH, the FIRE FROM THE GODS stolen by Prometheus as Lucifer the TORCH/LIGHT BEARER, the TORCH which is carried through the underworld of darkness and unconsciousness during the dark ages of man in the Hindu Kali Yuga and passed down throughout the ages to carry on the wisdom and knowledge and preserve the truth of the INWARD LIGHTHOUSE WITHIN YOU! ;)

The third ventricle of the brain where the pineal gland is housed is located just beneath the FORNIX which is literally the FURNACE of the FENIX, linked with FORNICATE, Latin fornix (genitive fornicis) "brothel" (Juvenal, HORACE), originally "arch, vaulted chamber, a vaulted opening, a covered way," probably an extension, based on appearance, from a source akin to fornus "BRICK OVEN OF ARCHED OR DOMED SHAPE" (from PIE root *gwher- "TO HEAT, WARM,") the ARC of the ELectrical SPARK of the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS, where the ETERNAL FLAME BURNS, what JRR Tolkein named the FLAME IMPERISHABLE, because the kundalini sexual fire serpent rises from the genitals up the mortal coil and feeds the holy FENIX of the Universal Mind/Soul in Immortal Ecstasy! 

This is why the PSYCHIC superhero Jean in X-Men channels her FULL universal psychic power of the PHOENIX! She is a caring, nurturing figure, but she also has to deal with being an
Omega-level mutant and the physical manifestation of the cosmic Phoenix Force. She was born with telepathic and telekinetic powers.

Jean Grey experienced a transformation into the Phoenix in the X-Men storyline "The Dark Phoenix Saga". She has faced death numerous times in the history of the series. Her first death was under her guise as Marvel Girl, when she died and was "reborn" as Phoenix. 

The Rooster, or PHOENIX as the FORNIX (arch) of the FURNACE roosting atop the Tau cross of the pons and cerebellum as depicted in my graphics above as the Egyptian ANKH. 

These raptors or birds of prey are the highest roosters, they ROOST or nest at the tops of the tallest trees and mountains, while the ROOSTER is also the SYMBOL OF LUCIFER,
meaning the "LIGHT BRINGER," of the GOLDEN DAWN of THE SUN, as it RISES with the SUN, crowing "COCK A DOODLE DOO" and sounding the call which heralds and REsurrects or RE erects RE or RA (the sun) each day after it has died in the underworld of night, hence a corresponding symbol for the Phoenix and the sun rising from the ashes of its own death each day and night.

This is why the ROOSTER is a COCK and why the human MALE'S COCK also RISES and is ERECTED each morning along with the ERECTION OF RE (the SUN), which is called nocturnal tumescence (rising from the tomb) better known as MORNING WOOD (sacred tree) which is what the story of ISIS as the FALCON or PHOENIX re attaches Osiris's GOLDEN COCK and RE'SERECTS HIM FROM HIS NOCTURNAL TUMESCENCE! See my full presentation on the death and rebirth from the WOMB of the TOMB here >> From WOMB to TOMB! Why We Bury the Dead!"

This is how the PHOENIX and the ROOSTER are associated with SOLAR FIRE. 

 2017 -2018 is the Chinese & Tibetan YEAR OF THE FIRE ROOSTER.

Aspects of the Rooster sign:
"The management of finances is perhaps their strength, both on a private and professional level. When it comes to money, Roosters are prudent and careful. They are brilliant managers of other people's money; financial advisers, bank managers, and accountants would all do well to be born in the Year of the Rooster. The Rooster has the reputation of finding money in the most unlikely places, like drawing blood from a stone. In Vietnam they say that, thanks to the strength of his beak and claws, the Rooster can find a worm in a desert. This metaphor goes a long way to explain the continual and restless activity that characterizes him."

Season and principle month: Autumn - September, being the PEAK STRENGTH AND BLAZE OF THE SUN just before it's waning and withering death in the FALL. This time in late summer to early fall is what I call the SCORCH TRIALS, just after the DOG DAYS of summer which are ruled by SIRIUS, the most esoteric star in the sky to the ancient cultures of the world, known to the Greeks as Sierios, meaning "SCORCHER" as it would bring FIRES, DROUGHT, PESTILENCE AND DEATH during the seaSUN of its heliacal RISING!

The FIRE ROOSTER as a placeholder for the PHOENIX heralds the invocation of the GOLDEN DAWN of the SUN, the GOLDEN AGE, or what could be deemed as Crowley's coming GOLDEN "AEON OF HORUS".

Perhaps NOW you will now finally understand why "THEY COME TO SNUFF THE ROOSTER, but YA KNOW HE AINT GUNNA DIE!!" 

One of the most magnificent specie of rooster are THE ILLUSTRIOUS Japanese PHOENIX ROOSTER, which dons a GLORIOUS RAINBOW RAIMENT JUST LIKE THE PURPLE PHOENICIAN PHOENIX, whose feathers can grow to over an astounding EL EVEN feet long! 

It is the extreme length of tail feathers of this evolutionary remnant of the saurian raptors, that makes it the REAL LIFE legendary embodiment of the FIRE DRAGON on earth! Imagine one of the glorious birds in flight, The legendary TALES (tails) it would invoke upon its RISING AT DAWN, BRINGING THE DAWN and LIGHT OF ENLIGHTENMENT, that could only be rivaled in GLORY by the SUN ITSELF! 

Just as the Eagle eats the serpent, only the PHOENIX can prey on the DRAGON!

I've included my esoteric anatomy software model graphics to depict how the innermost part of our body, the cerebrospinal canal is LITERALLY what the dragon, the PHOENIX, the CROWING ROOSTER, ABRAXAS are depciting as the microcosm WITHIN US! 

This is why abraxas is always depicted between the two polarities of the SUN AND MOON WITHIN US, the masculine solar and feminine lunar hemispheres of the brain and polarities of bilateral symmetry in the body and the Heiros Gamos of unification of dualities.  


We're taking a sync detour to explain this here... 

Abraxas represents IMMORTALITY of time, and is always associated with the ideogram of IAO upon his solar shield, Iota Alpha Omega, which means GREAT YEAR at its very essence, or the CYCLES of time and physical creation, as the letter A is the masculine PYREamid, the alchemical symbol of AIR (FIRE), the Iota is the Pillar of PHI, masculine force of Light (represented by the Egyptian depictions of the Earth god Geb), ejaculated from the masculine pyre a mid when you BUST YOUR NUT, into the primordial feminine abyss of the Egyptian night sky goddess NUT, the OMEGA, the symbol of the eternal feminine WOMB, the heiroglyph of the WATER POT, heaven, the STARGATE the ETERNAL CIRCLE of INFINITY, again the same principle as the BRAIN POWER sexual alchemy imagery earlier on. 

This is exactly why we find IAO as the DEATHLY HALLOWS (holy death) in Harry Potter. 


So perhaps you'll now know why DARPA's logo of the IAO is what it is, reading scientia et potentia Latin for KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, with the Light of the All Seeing Third Eye RADIATING to OBLIVIATE/ BLIND THE EARTH with the Light! 

Just like in the film Men in Black they blind them with the Light of the single eyed NEURALYZER to OBLIVIATE THEIR MEMORY! 

THIS is exactly why we find IAO is the very structure, form and function of the human brain, which is the f-LUX CAPacitor, opening up the STARGATE WITHIN US, which enables Time travel and mastery of INFINITY! 

So perhaps Now you will understand why they show you the significance of IAO as the structure of MASTERY OF TIME and SPACE in the massive film Avengers: INFINITY WAR with the Circle of Infinity as the Ouroboros "tail eating" serpent of QuetzalKukulViracoatlcochaKan, the FEATHERED SERPENT (just like Abraxas) situated strategically over the black pyramidal building with the black monlithic MILLENIUM (TIME) Hotel next to it as the sacred pillar or Black Monolith. All three symbols compose the Deathly Hallows, IAO and have been depicted as the STARGATE.  He who wields the IAO or the DEATHLY HALLOWS, the ALPHA, OMEGA and Emanation between the two, wields the power over INFINITY, TIME and SPACE, MASTERY over LIFE AND DEATH.

Now you understand why the main supreme Archon of the Marvel comics universe, Thanos, utilizes the Hex INFINITY stones to jump stargates throughout the cosmos and becomes the MASTER OF INFINITY and OBLIVIATES half the population of the Marvel Universe with a finger snap, the Ultimate Avada Kedavra! 

THE COCK (rooster) IS THE equivalent archetype of the PHOENIX as already covered, which resurrects (rises) every morning at sunrise, and then dies again after being erect. Hence why COCK + PHOENIX = COCCYX, the sacrum of the spine!! FROM SACRUM TO CROWN, The Path of the Emanation of God from KETHER TO MALKUTH in the Jewish CABALalistic Tree of Life!

The creeping serpent is food for the soaring Eagle. This is the most simple reason why the zodiac sign of creeping scorpio, which corresponds in physiology as the sacral sexual organs, is also it's higher evolution as the Eagle, the PHOENIX, which corresponds to the crown, for what should be OBVIOUS reasons by now!  This is why the SCORPION is representative of the SACRUM, the STINGER, which must be HEAVED UP to the CROWN. We must SACREfice "make sacred" the serpent within us to feed our RISING PHOENIX, the FEATHERED SERPENT! The PHOENIX is the very symbol of self sacrifice, as it dies unto itself, to become REBORN or RE'SERCTED anew/ ANU from the ashes of its own internal PYRIFICATION!

Now we can understand the album cover for my favorite band... 


of manufractured order out of chaos in these times, After the total solar ECLIPSE by Rahu the Alchemical BLACK SUN, the SCORCHED or BLACKENED "nigredo" stage during the metaphysical conjunction of SUN AND MOON.    see my full article "Black Hole Sun: Total Solar Eclipse"

Meanwhile, the West coast of the United States is literally BURNING (as always) before, during and after the mass FIRE INVOCATION RITUAL of BURNING MAN festival in the Black Rock Desert.

The invocation of the SUN AND FIRE FERTILITY SEX MAGICK in the mass consciousness ritual of burning man, embodies the conception and RISING OF THE PHOENIX, as the very geometric and symbolic layout of Burning Man is homologous to the rising phoenix. 

The more people that pour their energy and attention into a mass ritual, the greater influence it has in human consciousness and manifestation into the physical world. In this case of Burning Man, which takes place during the dog days of summer, the HOTTEST DAYS OF THE YEAR, the SCORCH TRIALS, ruled by the Star SIRIUS, derived from the Ancient Greek σείριος (seírios, “SCORCHING, SCORCHED, BURNT, BLACKENED, CHARRED, NIGREDO, DESTRUCTIVE,”) which brings FIRE, DROUGHT, DEATH, PESTILENCE, followed immediately by WATER INUNDATION OF THE MONSOON SEASON, flooding the Nile, bringing fertility and REBIRTH, LIFE! 

The ancients would offer holocausts "burnt offering, sacrifice" to Sirius in hopes of good crops and harvest, which gives us our modern BURNING WICKER MAN festival! This is an excerpt from my full Burning Man presentation here> 

So with mass rituals pouring their energy into RITUAL FIRE PURIFICATION, it no drought (pun), has an external physical manifestation on the macrocosmic scale as the complete yearly SCORCHING and BURNING, amidst all the highly flammable oxidative properties of aluminum sprayed into the atmosphere, extremely VOLATILE TIMES. "BURN BABY, BUUUUUURRRRN!" Accompanied by the DELUGE of WATER AND MONSOON as the planet is seeking balance to maintain homeostasis.  

The astrological influence of Pluto, represents PURIFICATION AND RENEWAL BY FIRE, whilst the alchemical influence of Neptune, brings PURIFICATION BY WATER. This volatile and submersive juxtaposition of potent horsemen of the Apocalypse ("lifting the veil") of our own consciousness, forces us to examine, confront and clear out and burn away the decaying underbrush of our collective conditioning.

2017 was without question, the YEAR OF TRIAL SACRIFICE BY FIRE, better known as a 'HOLOCAUST" meaning "BURNT OFFERING, (W)HOLY BURNT" which comes from ancient hebrew biblical sacrifices in semitic CANAA PHOENICIA!

There were countless recollected major fire events that collectively took the lives of countless masses of victims. The season of INVOCATION OF PYRO PYRIFICATION was kicked off with the Oakland, California "Ghostship Warehouse Fire" which killed 33 victims who are now doomed to wander the ashes of the aptly named GHOSTSHIP warehouse.

Then we have the infamous London apartment building fire, the seasonal California and West Coast wildfire storms, this years being the greatest and most devastating in all of history due to the highly volatile and oxidative use of aerosol aluminum oxide being sprayed into the atmosphere for geoengineering purposes.

The new APPLE iPhone X also heralds in the RISING OF THE PHOENIX as  iPhone X is an anagram of PhoeniX.


The apple logo is the symbol of WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE as the FRUIT of the WISE DOME of the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, which requires WISDOM of our WISE DOME of the brain and DISCERNMENT of the HEART to achieve desired outcomes in life. 

Refer back to the appel (meaning "FRUIT") on the ancient tree of life depictions at the beginning of the article, representing the human anatomy. 

As I've already covered numerous times
in other articles and presentations, the apple is also the symbol of the GODDESS FERTILITY FRUITS of nature, which is the GODDESS SOPHIA meaning 'WISDOM".

".....Within The Apple There Is Contained The Five-Pointed Star And The Seeded Vulva Which Symbolize The Two Aspects Which Are Required For Creation In The Material Realm.....Five Is The Number Which Represents The Spiritual And Unseen Aspect of Life And Creation. Within The Number Five Is Contained The Four Elements Of Fire, Earth, Air And Water Along With The Quintessential Fifth Element Which is Referred to by the Alchemists as Aether, the Chinese As Ki or Chi, the Indian Mystics As Prana, And The Ancient Egyptians as Ka..... "

The Apple computer logo encodes the Golden Mean ratio, Phi, which is not only the unseen or metaphysical pattern but its also the actual PHYSICAL scaffolding of not just the human being, but all form and function in nature. Hence the vitruvian man and the masonic formula for "squaring the circle." 

The sacred number PHIve, penta, the pentalpha is the number and most prominent symbol of the GODDESS, ISIS/VENUS, the pentagonal spirograph signature of VENUS in the sky, the archetypal signature of LOVE, DIVINITY and BEAUTY, which is the pattern of the universe and thus, the fruit of FORBIDDEN WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE of the GOLDEN APPLE, of the GOLDEN MEAN sPiRaEL of LIFE and DEATH, the unity of duality within a unified whole in constant fLUX, which is the TORUS field of physics, the GOLDEN APPEL, APOLLO, THE "BEAUTY OF THE SUN!" This is also linked with the Egyptian APis bull, a TAURUS of the SUN. 

A POLLO is also a ROOSTER, representing the SUN! 

The forbidden fruit which represents the goddess EVE, (who is the archetypal cognate of VENUS, the EVENING ) taking the BITE or BYTE of KNOWLEDGE or WISDOM from the FRUIT OF THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, as that's what the computer represents, the FREE ACCESS to infinite KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM, or conversely, the poisoned apple, as a bunch of garbage and harmful trash content and disinformation.

Nymphs associated with APPLE TREES were the called the Epimeliad in ancient Greek. The symbol of the APPLE, THE POMEGRANATE, THE FIG , and even the amanita  muscaria mushroom are all the JUICY, FRUITING REPRODUCTIVE SEX ORGANS OF THE TREE, and are actually even symbolic of the female genitalia which is why these were the allegorical FORBIDDEN FRUITS of the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE of both good and evil (depending on how its used), referring to the sexual intimacy of KNOWING each other (intimately) and the coming out of innocence, nescience, ignorance and naiveté into maturity, discernment and KNOWING or GNOSIS through the understanding of the many dangers of whats known as the "pleasure trap."

This is also exactly why in the fairy tales, Snow White (innocence and purity) eats the FORBIDDEN FRUIT or POISONED APPLE and falls into an unconscious coma, where only by KNOWING the prince ROMANTICALLY, does she AWAKEN from the slumber of naïveté and unconscious nescience and into the light of discernment or Gnosis. 

Computer binary code is composed of 1 and 0 which is the ELectric sex magick of POWER generation as the phallic 1 and the feminine 0 represent the POWER of the LIGHT OF THE SUN, and dendritic or "treelike" electricity in the universe as KNOWLEDGE or INFORMATION BYTES of DATA TRANSMISSION wirelessly via LIGHT WAVES. The 1 is the phallic trunk of the Tree or axis mundi, the sacred PILLAR, the SPINE or the PENIS, while the 0 is the wise dome or canopy of the tree, the sphere or ROUND MOUND of the GODDESS Gaia encompassing the axis of the earth as shown in the Greek letter PHi, all representing the Phi ratio and the TORUS, once again! 

 Now you know why they have the number 10 and the sex magic power symbol on the 1988 cover of the Economist with the phoenix rising!

The first APPLE/ Mac was strategically priced at 666$ for exactly this reaSUN, just as the new iPhone X PhoeniX is symbolically priced at $999 its inverse.

Every christian novice symbolist conspiratard (i'm sorry, but if someone is still identifying with a religion, they are indeed novice symbolists) will make sure to beat into your head that 666 is the number of the BEAST, of SATAN, etc etc ad nauseum, but it's actually the number of the BEAST AND MAN which is an allusion to that which composes ALL OF TERRESTRIAL BIOLOGY, LIFE, & much of inorganic chemistry as well from the isotope carbon 12 with 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons, and the cosmic cycles of nature and life itself, such as sacred geometry, the SUN and MOON, equinoctial precession, etc as I've already gone deep and thoroughly into in my full presentation, " Fidget Spinners: 666, DEEP Numerological Secrets of Creation. "
I won't bring it up here because it's literally an entirely other story. ;)

There is so much more to explain and piece together that I cant possibly fit in here because it would go on forever and this isnt exactly linear narrative material, which is why it will be one hell of a task and challenge to produce a film presentation, it will take alot of production time and effort, and youtube and social media algorithms have made a grave impact on my endeavor.

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