Phone Wallpaper for $5 and up
I've decided to add a little downloadable content to this level as well, because, well you're wonderful and I appreciate you. Once a month, you will get a new phone wallpaper sent to you. The next level up gets this as well a file they can use for their desktop wallpaper. (Due to the way Patreon does updates atm, all backers above this tier will get these rewards in two postings). 

Here's your first wallpaper. I'm giving you "Forest Bathing" in two versions. The first is the full image, the second is a close up of the woman's outline. This is my first time making wallpapers for phones, so let me know how this works for you. These are 320 x 480 because the internet told me so. The internet isn't always right, so please feel free to comment with a size you'd prefer if this is no good. 

I also just listed this on my website! The original is up at FORD gallery until the end of the month, which is almost here. How the hell is it November 21st? I think someone swiped a month off me when I wasn't looking. If you find it, please return it. Reward negotiable. 


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