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Phoole Has a Cough: Episode 141 of Phoole & the Gang
I'm feeling much better - thank you for well-wishes and kind words! But I was a mess last week, and I definitely wasn't fit to handle all of the things that happen during a live broadcast, when I have to be the star and the assistant and the engineer and the producer and and and. So once I'd decided, at around 1:00 p.m. on Friday, that the show was going to be an audio-only pre-recorded show, I dug in, made a playlist (which I had not had time to do previously - usually I take a little time every day to work on it), adjusted levels on every tune, recorded the show, uploaded the file to Ideal Clubworld HQ in Brighton UK, and programmed my #NowPlaying tweets, all in the space of about 4 hours, which is the shortest amount of time in which I've ever gotten a show done and shipped. 

My brain-fog shows in the show itself - I managed not to trainwreck on any of the transitions (and, in fact, a lot of them make me really happy and proud), but I got a lot of facts incorrect in my blatherings in the show. The FPM 3-disc set that just came out isn't called Methods - it's called Motions. And of course the Pet Shop Boys' big 80s breakthrough was 'West End GIRLS,' not 'West End Boys.' DayQuil. I blame DayQuil. There are mistakes aplenty throughout; hopefully listeners will just ignore my nonsense and enjoy the tunes!

After recording, I took a nap and managed to be awake for my timeslot when the show aired audio-only on Ideal, and once again it was charming to be able to interact with chatroom denizens without having to panic about putting the next tune on and so forth. 

This week I hope to continue for Patreon patrons the narrative of my NH jaunt, and I remain humbled by and grateful for every penny of your patronage. Thank you for making all of this possible! Readers who aren't yet patrons - I welcome you to consider joining the cause! My Patreon patrons make it possible for you to enjoy the Phooliverse - it would be great to have your support on board to do even more!