(Photo)blog: Exploring Yosemite
So, this wasn't quite the post I thought I'd make today. I thought I'd make this lovely wrap up article/blog about NaNoWriMo for April and talk about the process (or, at least, finish the post I had started about some writing elements). However, here I am a week later, and I've just spent far too many hours looking at photos, editing them, and getting them on Flickr.

No, really, I think I'm seeing these photos in my sleep.

Click here for the Flickr album of (128) photos. Tell me which your favorites are!

That said, nothing much for today other than a compilation of said efforts. If you ever have a chance to head out there, it's well worth the trip. The pictures probably can convey exactly how beautiful the place is, but you can be moved without being there - there's something about being utterly small in the presence of unmovable presences in nature.

I'd also give a huge blog about my time there, but I'd probably start rambling about the little things - LYNX? Or the people freaking out and taking pictures of this mouse like it was the first they had seen one... - because, honestly, the whole trip was one of the better experiences I've ever had. I'm not really over it.

Small note: I've actually had a few request for prints, and that's super surprising for me. So two things in regard to that: 1) If you want a print, especially for Patrons, I'm happy to arrange that at the cost of the print/shipping. 2) If you want to do it yourself, PM me about it - please don't print them yourself from Flickr... as even Flickr is downsized from the originals and I'd be really sad.

Small second note: I don't really post a ton of photography here, but I'd love to talk about it with you guys. BRING ME YOUR CAMERA OBSESSIONS. Let's go. <3

Third note: Back to normal things soon. Sorry for the deviation. :P

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