Photo Challenge Part 2
Hello Patrons!

Ok, we're going to try this again. The photographers of Blue Cone Studios are ready to compete with each other, and we need your help!

In the vein of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”, we ask our Catalyst Tier Patrons to supply us with 3 words they wish to see interepreted in 1 photo. All of our in-house photographers will submit their best interpretations, and these will be voted on by the Catalysts themselves. The winning shot will be supplied as a digital download to all members of the Catalyst Tier. Words must be submitted by the 15th of the month (at the latest). Pictures will be posted until the 25th, at which point we’ll ask all Catalysts for their final votes. Winners will be announced the last day of the month, with digital downloads being sent to Catalysts that day.

We're looking for words! Inspiration! What do YOU want to see brought to life in an image?

Get wild, get creative, get…obscure. The photographers of Blue Cone Studios are up to the challenge!