Thank you for your feedback - but it's conflicting! Hence the poll :-)

So this feedback has come from 2 Patrons so far - please edit your photos at the $10 Reward level.

I've also got feedback from some Patrons saying they love seeing the 'photo dump' from each site visit and following through.


My initial Reward option was to select 5-10 curated photos from each site visit, but as I'm taking 100 ish each visit, it felt like a bit of a waste not to share them, and I figured that folk could self select which 5-10 photos they want to download and keep from each visit. So now patrons get access to the Google Folder and can pick and choose as they like (for personal use only, of course).

In some of the shots, you'll see my finger, or my foot.

This is not by accident! I am pointing out things on the landscape (and will also provide a finger free option alongside it) that the untrained or inexperienced eye may not pick up, such as an archaeological feature, or a white cow through the trees ;-) 

When I put my foot specifically beside a stone or a feature, this is an archaeological photography 'trick' - insert something for scale. It's actually really important to provide context with this sort of photography or the viewer doesn't have any sense of size. (I wear a UK size 9, for reference.) Again, non footed pics of each object are also included each time.

When you see my feet walking the site - that's a sort of subjective or personal thing, fair enough, as some folk feel it represents 'feet on the land' that they can live vicariously through... so I've been told. 

When I'm with an Adventure Buddy (sometimes my partner but not always) on a Site Visit, I often include them in the pics - fun or pleasant moments we are sharing on the day. This is unnecessary to the site experience, but I feel provides the human element.

And then I also take selfies, which have been specifically requested by some of the Patrons. People seem to like me, and seem to like seeing me at a site?!


Please indicate your preferred option below ;-)

Cut the Extras - I'd like 20 ish good quality Site Pictures ONLY

Keep the Photo Diary/Dump of all Pics - I'll choose the ones I want

Site Visit all pics Diary/Dump - but no People please, Site Only

21 votes total

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